WB Cancels New Gods Movie and The Trench Spinoff

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April 1st is always a terrible day for any kind of news or announcements because you never know whether you can trust the headlines being shared. However, what we’re about to share apparently wasn’t some kind of April Fools gag.

It began earlier today when Darkseid actor Ray Porter asked fans to stop pestering director Ava DuVernay, who was lined up to director the New Gods movie, about keeping Ray as the character. Ava then quote tweeted Ray with a respectful but peculiar reply casting uncertainty on the future of her New Gods movie.


Then, almost immediately afterward, Warner Bros announced through trade outlet The Hollywood Reporter that they were canceling the New Gods film, as well as James Wan’s The Trench movie (an Aquaman spinoff).

It’s not clear at this point what their “recent decision” was that caused this but we can speculate from the info we received. In the THR article, it was stated:

New Gods, which would have been a sprawling tale, was complicated by the fact that its villain, Darkseid, just appeared as a major foil in Zack Snyder’s Justice League and there was a desire to have space between the latter and any new appearances.


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