Oscars Proven To Be A Complete Joke As Black Panther Becomes First Superhero Movie Nominated For Best Picture

Posted by jEN0VA on

If you needed any further proof that the Oscars are a joke Black Panther has been nominated for Best Picture, the first superhero movie ever to be nominated in this category. Not Unbreakable. Not Spider-Man 2. Not The Dark Knight. Black Panther lol.

And of course, the true best comic book movie ever made, Batman v Superman, would never even be considered. There is more Oscar worthy artistic merit in this one sequence than the entire MCU:

Or how about this one:

I’ll take “Examples of why BvS should have won an Oscar” for $200 Alex!


I started reading comics as a kid in the early 90s. My favorite characters were always Superman, Batman, X-Men, and Spawn. "The Dark Knight Returns", "The Death of Superman", and "Knightfall" were the storylines that got me into DC.

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