General Zod Rumored To Kill Baby Superman In The Flash Movie

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We must protect Baby Kal at all costs from Warner Villians.

File this under extreme rumor for now, but there’s word going around that the explanation for how Sasha Calle’s Supergirl replaces Henry Cavill’s Superman in the Flash movie is that General Zod kills Kal-El when he’s still an infant. The rumor comes way of the website ScreenGeek and the details are described in detail below:

Normally I wouldn’t comment on rumors of this kind but this one is so insane that I felt I needed to get ahead of it. If this rumor proves true then no one can ever again say anything about Snyder’s choices for this universe. Whether you liked his choices or not, none of them have been as egregious as the things that have been done in his absence, which includes:

  • Creepy Polar Express CGI lip Superman talking about being “itchy” and “how hope is like your car keys”. (Josstice League)
  • Batman rolling around on the ground whining his leg was bleeding. (Josstice League)
  • “Thirsty” Lois. (Josstice League)
  • Flash falling on Wonder Woman’s boobs. (Josstice League)
  • Headless Superman and headless Joker “cameos”. (Shazam / Birds of Prey)
  • Aquaman smelling his pits. Saying he should have “peed” on it. (Aquaman)
  • Murk being reduced to literal toilet humor. (Aquaman)
  • Harley ambushing a police station with bean bags and confetti bombs. (Birds of Prey)
  • Peacemaker talking about eating dicks on a beach. (The Suicide Squad)
  • Harley Quinn describing rain as “angels splooging”. (The Suicide Squad)
  • Superman having a poop fetish. (Peacemaker tv series)
  • Wonder Woman eye fucking people. (Peacemaker tv series)
  • Aquaman fucking fish. (Peacemaker tv series)

And now, it’s looking like we’ll be adding killing baby Kal and replacing Superman with Supergirl to the list.

Enough is enough. Can we please get someone in (or back) to run things who actually shows respect for these characters and this universe?


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