Zack Snyder Stepping Down As Director Of Justice League Due To Family Tragedy

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, director Zack Snyder has announced his departure from Justice League. His decision comes after the tragic death of his daughter Autumn Snyder, who committed suicide this past March at the tender age of 20. Directing duties have been

Apparently this tragedy happened in March and they were keeping it private till now. The fact that he was trying to stay on the project to finish it just shows his strength and dedication. My heart goes out to Mr. Synder and his family. You’ve done more than enough for us fans and have our full support. Movies about dudes in spandex are not more important than family. I know it’s your art but it’ll be in safe hands with Mr. Whedon. Go be with your family and do whatever you need to do to try and heal.


I started reading comics as a kid in the early 90s. My favorite characters were always Superman, Batman, X-Men, and Spawn. "The Dark Knight Returns", "The Death of Superman", and "Knightfall" were the storylines that got me into DC.

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