RottenTomatoes Marvel Bias Proven Real As Site Makes Sudden Changes To Protect Captain Marvel From Disgruntled Fans

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If you need any further proof of the Disney/Marvel bias over at RottenTomatoes, the site literally just changed how it presents user ratings because of the backlash towards Captain Marvel.

A little background for those not in the know: RottenTomatoes is a site that collects all the reviews from critics and displays a percentage score based on how many critics liked the movie. If a movie scores at least a 60% (meaning 60% of critics liked the movie) it’s considered “fresh”. Anything less is “rotten”.

This is problematic for many reasons, not least of all because many people read the percentage score as a rating of the films quality (Example: a 60% being viewed like a 6/10), when actually, people in the 60% who liked the movie may have scored it a 9 or a 10.

There are also two other scores on the site, both of which are submitted by users. Before a movie comes out you can vote whether you’re interested in seeing the movie. That’s the “want to see” score. Once the movie is released, users can then submit a full review. That’s the audience score.

It’s not uncommon for a movie that fares poorly with critics to be loved by audiences. Alita: Battle Angel for example has a 59% rotten score from critics despite an unusually high 94% audience approval.

History has shown that Disney/Marvel films almost always receive high critic scores regardless of quality. The upcoming Captain Marvel movie appears to be the first big misstep for the house of Mouse. Whereas all past Marvel films were at least competently made, giving the benefit of the doubt, the trailers and tv spots for Captain Marvel seem to indicate poor production and lifeless acting from its lead character. To make things worse, Brie Larson has made numerous social/political comments in interviews that have turned fans off to her movie.

In response, the site has been bombarded with users expressing their disinterest in the film resulting in a very low “want to see” score. Remember, this is NOT the critic score or the audience score. This is merely a “who is interested in this film” statistic.

Welp, can’t have people shitting on Captain Feminist. Especially not when it’s Marvel (it was fine to shit on DC/Zack Snyder when BvS came out).

In an honestly unbelievable move (even with the bias) RottenTomatoes has completely REMOVED the “want to see” stat from the entire site, just days after this situation developed.


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