Huge Justice League / Snyderverse Info Dump From This Weekends SnyderCon

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So here’s what we learned at the SnyderCon this weekend:

The Justice League script was written and completed BEFORE Batman v Superman.

It’s perhaps obvious, but Snyder confirmed the Justice League films were going to explain The Flash time travel scene and the Knightmare sequence.

Darkseid was going to get the Anti-Life Equation and then boom tube into the Batcave and kill Lois Lane, causing Superman to succumb to Anti-Life.

What we could have had.

In the future, Batman would lead a small group of surviving Justice League members, including the broken half body of Cyborg, who would figure out a formula for traveling back through time.

There was a really interesting concept on the spatial physics of time travel. There would be only 2 windows in which they could go back and warn Bruce to protect Lois because the Earth would need to be in the same exact location in the past, otherwise they’d travel back to empty space. Bruce instructed them to choose the opposite window than they were intending to because he knew the intended one was the one in which the Flash was “too soon” and Lois ended up dying.

After the backlash of BvS, Warner Bros made Snyder/Terrio cut a lot of this stuff out and basically rewrite the film. Thus, the Justice League they filmed (yes, even the Snyder Cut version) was not really the movie they wanted to make.

No, the Snyder Cut wasn’t announced at the event. Judging by Snyder’s comments it remains in WB’s court and they haven’t made any movement on it.

Zack’s cut of Justice League is 3 hours and 34 minutes. That’s confirmed by the man himself. 214 minutes. He had that number hidden on the SynderCon posters and he circled it while signing autographs for fans.

WB’s/Joss Whedon’s cut was 2 hours.

Let that sink in.


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