Zack Snyder Triggers Batman Gatekeepers By Defending Choice To Have Him Kill In BvS

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Based DC Twitter account intern.

The media was in a frenzy today because Zack Snyder defended his choice to have Batman kill in BvS. A bunch of people who have never read comics believe Batman never kills. It seems an intern running the DC Comics Twitter decided to get in on the debate by posting the above image. For those out of the loop, Batman kills a guy in the very first comic he was featured in, Detective Comics 27.

That’s not even to mention the Nolan Trilogy which those same people consider a masterpiece. That’s the series in which the “no killing” rule was stressed the most, and yet, as you can see in the video below, Batman still kills:

NOTE: None of these kills actually bother me and I love the Nolan trilogy. I just think it’s funny how people are so selective about their outrage.


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